Single parenting

Linked above is an article on Single Parenting in the Us. It goes on to talk about the struggles that many parents whom are of single relations have to deal with being a single parent.The article is called Family Matters by W.Bardford Wilcox and was posted January 22,2014.
Some points that were made in this article is that it takes a whole village to raise a child. They talk about family structures and how it is assumed that there is always two parents in home and when there is only one its a lot harder on the parent. They have to balance being parent with also having to work and provide for there children. It goes on and talks about the American dream and goes into details on how children in single parent homes are most likely to be low income and how they may have issues compared to those who are from two parent working class homes.

I felt this topic was important because I am from a single parent home. I understand how stressful it can be coming from a home where everyone depends on you to do everything. As the oldest child in the home I had to take the place of the Mom when my Mommy was working so I felt it was important to do research. Something that stood out to me during this reading was it mentioned that most low income single parent children are more likely to be successful. This stood out to me because it was fact we have so much pressure to be better then our parent and we want to provide to our parent what they gave to us.

My recommendation after reading this was to keep strong, and continue to work hard because there are people watching you at all times. There’s nothing wrong with being a single parent. I’d prefer to be happy then be in a relationship that isn’t working and causing stress onto my children.

Shemicka . 4/13/14


Prison Crowding

With all the money being spent on Prisons in California. Governor Brown attempted to talk to the supreme court about the over crowding of the prisons and they weren’t having it. ” While awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision, the governor recently asked the three-judge panel to give him three years to lower inmate numbers for the long term by, for example, expanding rehabilitation programs that could help keep offenders from returning to prison once they leave.”

I think this is pretty important for all of us, this is our money going towards the prison systems that even some of our family are in. This is where I feel most of our money is going to and then I feel that the money isn’t being used in the right way in the prisons. They need better healthcare as well as better rehabilition programs. Keep them educated as well as try to make them better.


With all the earthquakes we have been having lot of Californians are worried about the outcome for themselves as well as their families. Many council members are recognizing that many of the buildings in Los Angeles aren’t as safe as they should be. L.A Major is stuck between deciding if we should take the time to rebuild homes or if we do how much more in debit we will be in.

“Garcetti noted the potential for loss of life, but also said he is concerned about placing too heavy a financial burden on building owners by requiring seismic retrofits.  “Even if we spend $10 billion reinforcing these, there’s going to be an earthquake that could take them down,” he said. ” (LATIMES)

With that being said makes me wonder if my life is worth anything. They’d are more worried about the debt we are already in then protecting those who are paying their bills. But he did mention how they spent all this money on preparing safety drills for major earthquakes but is it really enough.

Shemickas Reading Response

For the first reading I chose the Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessorri. After reading more about it I found a lot of things interesting like how she believes we should start at a young age. I have always felt that if we start them young it will help them later on in life. Montessorri believes that students learn differently and believes in separating children by the way they learn and how they go about situations. For our group discussion we all talked about how Montessorri was a good way for students to learn but of course we all felt differently about it. We all agreed that we all learn differently and that Montessorri was a good idea for some teaching because it gives children more time to learn and gives them opportunities to work with those who have difficulties in the same area.

World Peace

World Peace

My passion is to help the world one person at a time. I want to work with kids and let them know that from the beginning they can do anything they put their mind to. I want the kids I work with to be the reason that the world becomes a better place. Its hard to say that those kids will but by them learning knew things and being able to pass them on to others will encourage those around them to do what they want to do and to create a positive change. Dizzy Wrights World Peace basically speaks the truth of life. Starting from the bottom but believing in yourself enough where you work to get to the place you want to be. MackleMore’s Same Love is also one of my favorites right now because its also a passion of mine for everybody to become equal. I feel that people should do what they desire and the world shouldn’t stop them. One day the world will be at peace maybe not today but I want to at least be some type of part of the peace to come.